Thursday, 27 January 2011

well. well. well.

Hello fans of the blog! so im probabbly going to tell you most days what i did, mabie almost like a little diary. so, lets start like this.

                                        Day in the life.
Dearr bloggers,
Today i woke up at about 7.30, most days i have to wake up at 7.00 to be ready to catch the bus at 8.15, but, somedays, my dad will give me a lift in, and that gives me more time! thank god! i hate getting up -.-
soo, i did my hair and makeup, ate my breakfast, 'cooked tomatos, on toast' ohh i love my mum ;) she makes it for me most days, i have to eat alot in the morning though, or i start to feel really ill :L im a fatty. i eat alot okay. so, i got to school, 'skip throught lessons' my friend lucy made some cookies a brang them in, mmm m! they were yummie! when i got home i watched a film ' the wrong turn 3' scary stuff! then i had to baby sit at 5.30 for an hour! when i got home, me and my brother made a video on how to maake the BEST shortbread ever! anddd thats it basicly, my day, gone in a flash.
lets see what tommorow has to offer.. <3
good night

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